Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Christian Holy Communion

Last Supper 005 Last Supper 004 Jesus Holding the Eucharist by Juan de Juanes 001

Holy Communion Anointing of the sick 003 Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist 001

Jesus breaking bread and giving His disciples the cup 001 Holy_Mass_001 Saint Jerome Receiving Holy Communion by Sandro Botticelli 001

Pieta and the 7 Sacraments 001 Last Supper 010 Hostilevado Schumacher Katholisches Religionsbuchlein 001

Last Supper-Carl Heinrich Bloch Jesus and His Apostles in the Upper Room Priest Offering Mass 001

Last Supper 010 Last Supper Matthew 26 17-30 Our Heavenly Home John 14 1 - 14

Last Supper 006 Last Supper 007 The Last Supper

Komuniigo Schumacher Katholisches Religionsbuchlein 001 The Last Supper by Maesta Duccio (1308) Cross Chalice Host Book Anchor

Last Supper Last Supper 008 Last Supper 009

Last Supper - Juan de Juanes 003 Chalice Host wheat and grapes Communion of the Apostles 001

Last Supper Judas Dipping his Hand in Dish 001 Last Supper 011 Last Supper by Simon Ushakov 1685

Christian Holy Communion

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