Friday, August 18, 2017

Christian Art by Cross Stitch Patterns (Image)

Genesis 40:12,18-19 - Joseph interprets the dreams Pharaoh's cupbearer and baker.Genesis 40:16 - Baker sharing his dream with Joseph.Genesis 40:9 - Cupbearer sharing his dream to JosephGenesis 40:8 - prisoners telling Joseph their dreamsGenesis 39:20 - Joseph is put in prisonGenesis 39:21-23 - Joseph Elevated by Jail KeeperGenesis 39:11-19 - Joseph accused by Potiphar's wifeGenesis 39:7-10 - Joseph Fleeing Potiphar's WifeGenesis 39:4 - Potiphar puts Joseph over his whole estateGenesis 37:25-28 - Joseph sold into slavery by his brothersGenesis 37:20-24 - Joseph thrown into a well by his jealous brothers.Genesis 37:4 - Jacob gives Joseph a coat of many colorsPeter the apostlechurch family with open bibleYoung Jesus teaching phariseeMethuselahThis is an illustration of Mary and Gabriel. Gabriel is giving Mary a message as she bows down before him. A friendly, positive image that children will love.This is an illustration of Daniel and the lions. The style is very juvenile and friendly."Adam and Eve after the fall. Sad, distraught faces and animal skin clothing for both of them.Adam and Eve smilingThis is an illustration of Moses holding the two tablets containing the 10 Commandments. A colorful and friendly graphic.This is an illustration of Jesus in a white robe. The style is friendly, great for kids.
Genesis 40
Genesis 39
Genesis 37

Cross Stitch Patterns Religious‎
The post image of this blog is the material of the cross stitch pattern.

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