Sunday, August 6, 2017

Jesus goes to a wedding

Bible 1
This story is about the very first miracle Jesus did and it is found in the Bible in the book of John.
Bible 2
There was going to be a wedding in Cana town. Everyone was busy getting things ready. The bride and groom invited their family and friends. Jesus, His mother and His helpers were coming too.
Bible 3
The bride looked beautiful. There was plenty to eat and drink. Everyone filled their glasses with wine made from grape juice. ‘Best wishes for a happy life,’ they said.

Bible 4
But soon the wine had run out! Everyone was asking for more. The helpers were worried. This would spoil the party. What could they do?
Bible 5
Jesus’ mother said, ‘Jesus will help you. Do what He tells you to do.’ Jesus said, ‘Fill those big jars with water.’ They did everything Jesus told them to do. – Slide 5
Bible 6
They filled six big jars right to the top with water. When they poured the water into the glasses It became wine. It was a miracle!

Bible 7
The people at the party had never tasted such a delicious drink. They all had a happy time at the wedding. Only the helpers knew Jesus had turned the water into wine.
Bible 8
Wherever Jesus goes, He knows how to bless people. He can give us the very best life!

Jesus goes to a wedding
When the wine runs out at a wedding Jesus comes up with a miraculous solution.
John 2:1-11

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